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Frequently asked questions

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    Are you registered? Can I submit my receipt to insurance?


    I am a fully 2200 Hour Registered massage therapist and have had no issues with insurance companies on submitting receipts. Please check with your insurance company about any special catches such as needing a Dr's Note. It is up to you to make sure that you can submit your receipts and what else your insurance company needs for you to do so successfully.
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    Is there an age limit for massage?


    There is NO age limit for massage and your health history will be looked at before treatment so any contraindications will be addressed at that time. I recommend seeing someone with training if your child is under 10 yrs of age, also stick to 30 min treatments for ages 10-16 depending on circumstance. Ask me if you are unsure. For anyone under the age of 14 I find a parent being present makes it more comforting to the child.
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    Does massage hurt?


    As with any treatment affecting soft tissue, massage can sometimes cause discomfort but is not harmful. Discomfort should diminish and no technique is used without permission. You can stop or change treatment at anytime and should not feel like you need to put up with any discomfort felt. Always tell me if something is uncomfortable or you need them to change techniques or pressure as your treatment can be modified anytime. Don't be scared to talk to me.
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    How will I feel after my massage?


    This will depend on what form of treatment you have received. Most people feel relaxed and happy, you may feel an increase in movement. If you received a deep tissue you may feel slightly sore after treatment or the following day, this may be felt as a touch sore. A hot bath or shower may help, Ice for a few minutes to the area can also work if you prefer. Please refrain from doing to much exercise the day of treatment and also remember to keep hydrated.
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    What happens on the first visit? What should I expect?


    On the first visit you will be asked to fill out a confidential health history form (one can be printed and filled in below if that is easier). I will then take you to the treatment room to discuss any concerns, what issues are taking place and what you are looking for in the treatment. Open communication is important as this will make sure you get the exact treatment you are looking for. I will leave the room for you to undress and get on the table.
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    Is my information Confidential?


    Yes!!! Massage therapists are required by law to keep all information verbal and written in the strictest of confidences. Any information collected may only be disclosed or shared with your written consent.
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    How do I pay for my massage?


    I do not submit massages on your behalf so all massages must be paid in full at end of treatment. You will receive receipts for submittal by email. At this time I take all credit cards, cash and debt tap but no debt chip.
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    What do I do during my massage?


    Relax! Move to a position that you are comfortable with. I will move you around if needed but always feel free to shift to what makes you comfortable. If you want to talk during your treatment or be silent it is up to you, this is your time. Close your eyes and just enjoy, if you have any questions ask away - nothing is ever a bad question.
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    Do I need to get completely undressed?


    You need only go down to what you are comfortable with. Most people go down to underwear/boxers, more or less is up to you and your comfort.
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    How does hot stone feel?


    Hot Stone therapy uses hot stone to massage onto the muscles. Communication is key as the stones can get very hot and it is important to let me know if they are too hot for you. Please keep in mind that the initial touch of the stones can be warmer then you are used to but they will cool down fast and the initial heat will fade off. BUT if you are sensitive to heat tell me and I will be happy to keep the stones a little cooler for you. If you are someone who likes heat or are very sensitive to deep tissue, hot stone is a fantastic alternative to the deep tissue therapeutic massages.
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